WPLAYER schema

  • WPlayer is a Web and Windows automate designed for application monitoring inside a IS supervision system.

This is the ideal tool for implementing an end-to-end monitoring of transactions within an enlarged context of IT operation (https, proxy, authentication, remote operation, etc.)

WPlayer records directly or through program code each keystroke, mouse click or movement.
Such generated scenarii are replayed depending on the needs of the business monitoring provided by the solution of supervision which is in place.

The information sent to the supervisor will then be processed for the operation management and for the creation of graphical reports of activity :
– Availability rate of web or business applications
– SLA monitoring
– Statistics basis necessary to improve your information system

  • WPlayer offers two ways to run these scenarios: the graphic mode and the protocol mode.

– Graphic Mode : The scenario is played visually as if you are monitoring your applications by yourself. Their compliance is then verified by both the operationality and the measures.

– Protocol Mode : WPlayer communicates directly with any server using the HTTP or HTTPS protocol, without displaying browser windows. This mode allows the execution of your supervision tasks in the background, twice as fast as in graphic mode.

  • WPlayer and supervision solutions

WPlayer is designed to serve any monitoring system of IS operation, and first of all our Top/X supervision solution.
Your supervisor simply drives WPlayer and gets back the results and measures collected.


WPLAYER schema

  • Parallelism

WPlayer allows to play several monitoring scenarios in parallel on a single platform.
This way, you can reduce the infrastructure required for hosting your supervision :
Fewer machines and fewer licenses, this is a simplified and costless monitoring.

  • WPlayer probe

WPlayer executes the monitoring scenarios posted anywhere in your company offices :
Headquarters, data center or any of your users sites.
Thus, performance measures and availability rates of application are the actual ones, from the user point of view.

  • And much more :

WPlayer offers a large panel of features including :
– “Mixed” scenarios, Internet and Windows
– Development of scenarios independently of supervisor (standalone mode)
– Launch of the scenarios on another user account
– Script run options : choice of speed, invisible mode, background task, etc..
– Control of the Timing of a scenario and metrology
– Identification of graphical signatures (OCR and image recognition)
– Passing arguments, handling of variables, control statements
– Approximate matching of textual signatures