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Integrated supervision of applications through SAP NetWeaver

Ssumo, supervision, monitoring and performance management software

  • Innovative, Ssumo is the first solution which offers in a single software the entire services necessary for technical operations for the supervision, monitoring and performance management of SAP systems and for the scheduling of systems.
  • Smart and efficient, Ssumo is SAP multi-platforms’ compliant.
  • Based on the SAP NetWeaver technology, Ssumo reinforces the customers choices in the landscape of SAP systems and various solutions provided by SAP AG.
  • Non-intrusive, easy to use and to setup, Ssumo contributes to reduce technical investments and consulting involvements costs.
  • Ssumo has achieved SAP certification as powered by the SAP NetWeaver technology platform. The Ssumo solution has then been proven to integrate with solutions SAP

Ssumo, powerful and global solution of supervision

  • Real-time monitoring relying on powerful features for collecting and filtering information
  • Strong ability to manage alerts and escalation via SMS, email, …
  • Natural integration with TOP/X
  • Interfacing with other supervision tools for non-SAP systems
  • Integration with various communication protocols
  • Real and comprehensive view of monitored environments and system logs

Ssumo, centralized management, monitoring and scheduling of SAP environments

  • Includes over 80% of the major features of the technical solutions provided by SAP (simple and complex ones)
  • Administration and monitoring from Web Console
  • Performance management relies on SAP CCMS interface modules
  • Real-time collection of performance data and systems alerts
  • Powerful scheduler of external jobs
  • Through its Inspector tools, Supervision and Monitoring dashboards, Ssumo can focus the information to a single point for a global vision of systems.
  • Strong ability to suit to any architecture of supervision and monitoring solutions
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Easy and fast to use, Ssumo provides solutions for all technical areas of administration and supervision of SAP systems: managers, architects, administrators, supervisors, operators …
  • Compatible and deployed around SAP NetWeaver technology, Ssumo uses dedicated resources and reduces the impact of supervision on system performance. It is fully integrated into the IS landscape of the Customer.
  • Adaptable and compatible with all upgrades of SAP solutions.
  • Ssumo is innovative on new technology, security and reliability through the use of interfaces and functions of SAP-certified modules (XBP 3.0, XAL, XMI…)
SSUMO logo SAP Certified
Ssumo : main benefits
  • Real-time Inspection and Monitoring of SAP environments
  • Management and Check-control of jobs, monitoring of systems alerts and performance, job scheduling through web console
  • Centralized operation through dashboard (Cockpit Management) on alerts and system incidents
  • Multiple notification on alerts : emails, SMS, formatted files… to managers, using escalation steps
  • Diagnostics depending on contexts and systems logs
Product general functionalities
Initial installation of Ssumo and execution can be completed within five hours
Multi-platform support for Windows, Unix and Linux
Fully functional Web interface
Uses MaxDB database to ensure performance and reliability
Easy definition, execution and management of standard communication protocols
Remote monitoring and management using customer security policies





Jobs Management and Monitoring
Extended jobs selecting and monitoring with complex criteria
Job selecting based on multiple criteria such as job name, user, status, count number, dates
Real-time jobs supervision and monitoring
Job statistics and history
Support multiple queues, job priorities and queue priorities
Alert Monitoring and Managament
Management of alert notifications includes emails, console messages and SMS
Ability to include CCMS (Computer Center Monitoring of System) from SAP
Integration with Top/X and other standard supervision software which use two-way communication for alerting and interaction
Multiple job criteria on any notification and performance management
Performance Management of all system contexts
CPU load
Network utilization
Database and Cache time
Users performance
Job Scheduling Management
Schedules jobs with specific time window
Schedules jobs with specific programs
Schedules jobs with calendar
Schedules job for all involved steps
Real-time view on jobs history
Background job analysis
Jobs statistic
SAP System Logs Management
Monitoring of SAP system logs with Parsing
Monitoring of SAP servers’ system logs
Filtering logs on the presence or absence of keywords
Backup of system logs into files for later use
Pre-defined security policies including role-based security
Product license encryption
Automatic product license update provided
Administrators can grant/deny access to modules and user abilities
Ability to export to PDF and Microsoft compatible formats and XML
Statistics and data extraction
Ready-to-run reports for alerts and jobs history