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From Surveillance to Hypervision
The solution that federates your IS systems
  • TOP/X, supervision software

– Designed to cover the broad spectrum of homogeneous or heterogeneous systems as well as of standard or specific needs
– Runs on a platform independent of supervised environments

  • TOP/X, universal means of supervision

– Powerful collection, detection and filtering
TOP/X classifies and correlates software and/or hardware information permanently in order to decide which action to initiate

  • TOP/X, the focal point of supervision

Its central management allows to concentrate the monitoring information to a single point: the Focal Point of Supervision
– Easy and fast setup
– Complete take over of the software by the teams
– Reliable solution based over 20 years experience
– Ideal for heterogeneous environments which constantly evolve
– Monitoring of mainframe platforms (IBM, Siemens), distributed platforms (Windows, Unix) and of specialized environments (HP-Tandem, Unisys) or virtualised environments(VMware and Cloud).
– A single solution to meet all the needs of the IS operation.

Hypervision :

– Native integration of almost all solutions market supervision: solutions editor (CA, BMC) or solutions manufacturer (IBM Director, Siemens, Cisco …)
– Reporting Module: operates and restores information in the form of activity reports custom graphics
– Module Task Planning: planning and monitoring of all tasks of operation teams

Supervision :

Resources :
– Monitoring of all types of hardware platforms
– Different criticality according to the Operation views
– Easy-to-use supervision calendars
– Automatization of operation tasks follow-up
– Large control library (plugin)

Business :
– End-to-end supervision of Business applications
– Follow-up of Business processes
– End user point of view
– Local or remote monitoring & supervision

TOP/X logo

TOP/X Globale Sicht

  • Global and proactive monitoring of the various components of the information system.
  • The alert system : alarm management on several levels of severity and adapted dispatch (staff-on-call, help desk, remote maintenance, operation).
  • Piloting and hypervision: from a focal point, Top/x drives and federates the information system whether in a single or multi-site, multi-systems architecture.
  • The Report module produces and dispatches friendly graphic statements upon the availability of the critical services and applications of the company.
  • Automation : Implementation of actions executed automatically by a configurable scheduler
  • Transverse global vision: the technical view is complemented by a transverse view of the business or of the process.
Some Business supervision…

Supervising financial banking flows : TOP/X guarantees the fluidity of operations between financial organizations.
Monitoring a manufacturing process : TOP/X successfully ensures the marking out of the intermediate phases, synchronized with most of the ERP (SAP…).
Customer service and Quality of Service measurement : TOP/X permanently checks the effectiveness of the customer service and measures the SLA (Service Level Agreement).